Note: The final program schedule and conference abstracts are available. A page has also been set up to share those powerpoint presentations that the presenters have elected to make public. 

Refugees and many migrants suffer from limits on their abilities to move around the world, even in pressing or urgent circumstances.

They are often forced to leave their homes for reasons beyond their control, including war and civil unrest, political and religious persecution, economics, or famine and other natural or man-made disasters.

Once displaced, whether internally or externally, they face pressing needs for food, water, shelter, and health care.

Local governments, international agencies and non-governmental organizations often struggle with providing for their needs, particularly in resource-poor regions of the world.

Recent socio-political changes in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere have placed additional restrictions on the rights of migrants and refugees.

To explore these and overlapping issues, in solidarity with these refugees and migrants, on October 9-11, 2017, we hosted a no-travel virtual conference to explore the ethical, legal, philosophical, and social issues associated with refugee and migrant health in a world of economic, geopolitical, and psychological borders. Information about that conference is available below.

Final Program Schedule

Conference Abstracts

Powerpoint Presentations

In the coming weeks and months, this website will be updated with more information, summaries and feedback from the conference.

We also plan to use this site as a way of connecting the various conference participants and their colleagues in order to create a network of like-minded academics, providers, policymakers, lawyers, advocates and activists interested in addressing the on-going refugee and migrant health and human rights crisis.